Michael Phelps Turn to Talkspace for Personal Help

Olympic swimming winner Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace. Despite being a 28 gold medalist, Michael Phelps was struggling with mental health issues. Phelps confined himself to his bedroom for five days trying to contemplate whether he wanted to go on living or end his life. The Olympic swimmer decided to see Talkspace for his problems. Getting help for your problems isn’t a sign of weakness. Mental health therapy is not just for people who have a serious mental illness.

Michael Phelps wants to spread the word that online professional therapy is affordable for anyone who needs it. Talkspace is personal and convenient, just because it’s online doesn’t mean the public will see your session. Talkspace can be done at any time. More than 1 million people have tried Talkspace. You can upload unlimited videos and pictures to your therapist from a mobile app or web browser. If Talkspace can help Michael Phelps, it can help you.

The compassionate mental healthcare professionals can take on the tough questions. Talkspace includes a blog that is available to everyone. The blog has articles about many mental health issues that can benefit the public. These stories include transformation experiences about people who have overcome their problems. The blog contains a lot content offerings.

Talkspace contemplates if coming out as LGBTQ can really improve the life of a homosexual. Talkspace wanted to honor National Coming Out Day. Many people who chose to come out to their friends and family described the stigma they experienced. Many LGBTQ people described the pros and cons of coming out.

Talkspace explains the Meyer Briggs Personality test. The test was originally designed back in the 1940s and is still popular. The blog includes a story about the history of the test. There are 90 questions for the test takers to answer. Each answer is divided into 16 different personality types. The author lets the reader know where to go to take the personality test. The writer tells the reader what the advantages and disadvantages are to taking this personality test. Talkspace has taken mental health counseling into the 21st century.

How Rocketship Education Approaches A Few Difficult Educational Choices

Rocket Education is an independent charter school chain that was established in San Jose, California, in 2006. It offers free, open to the public, K-5 schools that help children prepare for college. Around 90 percent of the children at these schools qualify for free lunches and 75 percent of them are learning to speak English as a second language.

Like all public and charter schools, they strive to find a balance when it comes to how they approach things such as classroom management. The classrooms can’t be too strict as that would harm the children learning progress but teachers also can’t be too lax as chaos would erupt. It’s a fine balancing act that even some former United States Education Secretaries have said they have struggled with when they were teachers.

At Rocketship Education, they believe that if a child is going to attend college that path begins when they are in kindergarten. It is in part to this, as well as just wanting to provide the best education, that they take their role as educators very seriously. They have a program in place that is designed to help new teachers effectively control a classroom within either their first or second year. Since they teach so many children that come from families that have been marginalized Rocketship Education is especially sensitive to making sure their students are not sent subconsciously harmful messages through overly militant classroom management practices.

Another issue Rocketship Education faces, like all educational institutions, is how much technology to use in their schools on a day to day basis. Students need exposure to technology since, basically, every well-paying job uses it plus they need to be good at it to get through college. Just like classroom discipline, there is a fine balance between too much and too little.

At Rocketship Education they decided the balance is at 80 minutes a day on computers, so a bit under an hour and a half out of a six-hour daily curriculum. The students work on multiple programs during this time, at their pace, including Dreambox, Lexia, and ST Math. The students have been thriving on this balance of computer work versus teacher-led education.

How Vijay Eswaran Changes the Mind With Written Word

If you want employees to become productive there is going to be a point where the leader has to change the environment. I have worked in an oppressive work environment before, and I hated to come to work. When you feel there is no room for asking questions or making mistakes everything becomes a nightmare. It is the managers and company leaders that have the power to bring forth a different type of atmosphere. Vijay Eswaran has managed to author books that provide the right approach to leadership. He has also help employees cope with their environment when they are not in the best work atmosphere.

Eswaran has done this with public speaking on one front. He has the power to change the lives of those that hear him through his words. Eswaran has done a lot over the years to make the most of the experience by relaying messages of a positive nature. He has become someone that has documented his own experiences in his rise to leadership and passed this on to others. In “18 Stepping Stones” he talks about arising from your stupor and accommodating every change. I found this book to be spot on because he just told the truth with few words. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read this book because it truly is the pathway to success that Eswaran suggests that it is.

The thing that makes this “18 Stepping Stones” such an effective book is the size. This is a lightweight book. There are not a lot of pages and I like that. This works because people like myself don’t have a lot of time to read. I have been to workshops where I have been given large self-improvement books. The content may be great, but then there is no opportunity to digest all of the content because I have no time to read it.

What Eswaran did that made a lot more sense is push the book out to readers in a simple format. He used everything that he learned in the workplace and bundled this into a neat little package. I know that he could have written a lengthy book with all of his years in a leadership role, but he saw that it was effective to keep things light. He made it up in his mind to let people know that there was a way motivate without being overbearing.

Eswaran certainly has become one of the most favorable leaders around the globe because he has a different strategy to life. People can appreciate what he does because his written word reaches out to the masses. He has been able to really change the lives of his employees.

Life Achievements of Jason Hope

Life Achievements of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a businessperson from Arizona, USA. His rich educational background in finance and business oriented fields has equipped him with the necessary skills to succeed in this sector. Other than business, he is well known for his passion in serving the society. He has inspired many young people, students especially through mentoring and being a role model. Some of his hobbies include reading books and researching on the internet. He also enjoys physical exercises. Through his research, Jason Hope was able to prove that exercising regularly increases our physical life.

In this changing world, technology is a key tool. Jason embraces technology. This is clearly evident from the fact that he started his own communication company. He also is an active member of IoT; where he posts regularly motivating other entrepreneurs. Jason also offers consultation services. His area of expertise is business. Through his studies, training and experiences, Hope is very resourceful. He is able to give solutions and advices that work making his clients happy and content. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Being his interest to improve the wellbeing of human kind, Jason took part in the founding of SENS. This is a foundation that is geared towards fighting aging. SENS organization tries to enable as many members of the public as possible to access technology and learn more on anti-aging. Aging is a process that occurs naturally and scares most people. It comes with its own disadvantages such as a weaker immune system and a changed physical appearance. Jason Hope tirelessly researched on ways to control this process. He still does research on the same. To add on this, he generously donates funds towards this agenda. He strongly believes that aging can be reversed or slowed down. For this reason, he supports any organization with this mission.

As an entrepreneur, Jason has managed to provide employment in the society. His creative mind and strong will enabled his start a t-shirt making company. The Jason Hope Tee Company produces quality, original and trendy t-shirts sold worldwide. The company provides employment to many people and meets fashion needs of the current generation.

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Learn More About Robert Ivy, AIA Professional

The American Institute of Architects is led by Robert Ivy, CEO and art professional. They’ve been able to bring the top architects, designers, and artist to their member based network. Ivy is responsible for education in art and policy. His colleagues say; he’s been able to lend a strong communication to the art industry that has brought many new professional customers to the network. You can build a strong network that encourages the help of strong architects willing to lend their best through the AIA. Many patrons have decided on their network of professionals because they trust their team of executives for having high integrity. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a very prestigious honor that is being offered by the Mississippi Art Institute Letter (MAIL). It has allowed their team of professionals to honor Ivy with the prestigious award. He was one of the first ever architects to be nominated for the award. Today, he’s able to use this honor to encourage other professional architects to his network. He continues to be a strong voice among the network with a valiant team of art professionals to back them every step of the way in their journey through architectural art.

There are many architects that have been unable to showcase their talent because of nonsupport. Robert Ivy works hard to bring fresh faces to the art community. His focus is education and inclusion of the art community. He has been able to use their eye for art to build several spectacular pieces around the Atlanta area where their headquarters are based. Amazingly, they have a total of 80,000+ private members and continue to lead the art community nationwide. Robert Ivy is at the forefront of their success. He is at the center of the architecture community through the AIA Group..

Visit: https://www.mswritersandmusicians.com/mississippi-writers/robert-ivy  


Whitney Wolfe Empowering Women on the Dating Scene

Whitney Wolfe, now Whitney Wolfe Herd, is the creator and CEO of Bumble. Bumble is an online dating network focusing on the empowerment of women. She managed to find a niche in the online dating arena in 2014 by creating a site where women would be in charge of initiating the dating experience.

She met her husband, Michael, while on a skiing vacation in December of 2013, where he tricked Whitney into thinking he didn’t know how to ski. They officially began dating on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and were engaged in 2016. Of course, it was Whitney who proposed. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

In her former life, she was a co-founder of Tinder. She collaborated with Justin Mateen in 2012 to form the first online dating site utilizing locations as a criteria for matching singles. Unfortunately, Whitney and Justin were in a personal relationship with each other that erupted into Whitney leaving the company and filing sexual harassment charges Justin in 2014. She reportedly settled out of court for $1 million while Mr. Mateen was ousted from Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, dismayed by her experience with the online dating arena, began creating and pitching ideas about an online social media site for women. She approached Andrey Andreev, whom she had met previously while with Tinder. While he wasn’t sold on her idea, he was impressed with her ingenuity and tenacity. They continued to toss around ideas until Whitney came up with the concept of Bumble. She sold Andrey on the idea and he invested the initial $10 million for a 79% share of the company. Whitney Wolfe Herd retained a 20% share and Bumble was born, garnering over 100,000 members almost immediately.

Bumble is all about empowering women. The ladies are in charge. Men post their profiles hoping to find compatible dates and the ladies get to look and make the first move. Bumble also launched the Bumble BFF friend app in 2016 for women to find friends and the Bumble Bizz app in 2017 as a tool for women networking in business. Bumble has now grown to over 35 million users.

Learn more: https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/bumble-app-whitney-wolfe



Clay Hutson received his education from Central Michigan University. He finish with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Theater Design and Technical Production. Clay pursued a master’s degree after this.

Clay Hutson has a very extensive career in the entertainment industry. He has worked with several music stars. Hutson spent time with Billy Graham’s traveling production. After this Clay settled into the world of Rock and Roll. He has done work with Rock and Roll legends such as Kid Rock, Pink and Guns N Roses.

Clay Hutson logged a tremendous amount of experience while performing in many different roles. It would serve him well as the company that he worked for fell on hard times. Clay saw this as an opportunity and decided to start his own production company. He molded the new enterprise into his image with a very regimented and organized style of leadership. Clay likes to plan out his activities. He leaves no stone un-turned, believing that his crew will be inspired by the attention to detail. Hutson is convinced that the team around him will respond directly to the type of example he sets.

The entertainment industry is directly affected by the advances in technology. Clay Hutson is fully aware of his surroundings and the different elements that involve his profession. Groundbreaking ideas enter the market on a regular basis. A person who is not prepared to change will be left behind in the blink of an eye.

Hutson enjoys being ahead of scheduled events. He counts on this to keep his days in order. Hutson analyzes every aspect of his upcoming schedule he takes every mundane task very seriously. He is organized and makes sure that family comes first. Clay knows that his current success is due to the fact that he is learning to be honest with himself.

Hutson looks for talented people to work with. He prefers this over professional net-workers who use their personality to maneuver themselves into positions. Clay would rather be in business with someone who does a job well as opposed to someone he likes but can’t handle business.


Learn more : https://about.me/claytonhutson

Madison Street Capital in financial advisory

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm whose headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. It has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. It provides financial services to publicly and privately held businesses.


It provides services in corporate finance advisory, economic opinions to companies, business valuation, capital restructuring, private equity fund administration, bankruptcy and also acquisition and mergers advisory.


They have qualified professionals who provide the necessary financing and financial services to suit their various clients. They have assisted a variety of clients in different ranges of industries and different situations.


To suit these many client situations they follow careful analysis and give precise recommendations to the businesses. For this reason, Madison Street Capital have built themselves a reputation for excellence in their industry of investment banking.


They also offer philanthropic support to various organizations such as the United Way.

They have worked with companies such as acting as exclusive financial advisors for Napoleon Machine during the arrangement of their credit facility.


Napoleon is a company that provides manufacturing services which range from light assembly, precision machining, painting, customizable metal fabrication and also other services for steel components from medium to large sizes.


They also provide secondary functions such as automotive, agricultural, aerospace, chemicals, construction, machinery manufacture, maritime, metals and mining, nuclear power generation, semiconductor, robotics, military and defense, and transportation.


They manufacture high-quality components for companies such as crowns, bridges, conveyors, gearboxes, hoppers, heat exchangers and many other parts. They are also capable of manufacturing products which are highly engineered such as tools for missile launch.


The big announcement concerning the transaction was made by the CEO of the Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. The announcement was led by Barry Petersen who is the Senior Managing Director.


Sterling Commercial Credit provided for the facility. The Senior Managing Director announced that the transaction would give greater access to the operating capital while still enabling Napoleon to expand their capability of manufacturing to meet their customer needs to speed up their growth trajectory for the future.


The President of Napoleon, Kevin Febrey noted that Madison’s team were able to listen and understand their story and communicated the advantages the opportunity would offer to their marketplace.


They considered the nature of their capital-intensive industry and were able to come up with solutions which would enable Napoleon to access up to four times the working capital they accessed while working with current credit facilities.


This would enhance their growth. He also expressed their satisfaction in working with Madison Street Capital. Sterling Commercial Credit who provided for the facility is a financial service provider which is family owned and operated and specialize in commercial lending.


They offer working capital solutions for entrepreneurs who seek growth of their businesses.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

Guilherme Paulus Triumphs Again!

The King of tourism, Guilherme Paulus was awarded “entrepreneur of the year” by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine in 2017. He is the Presidnet of GJP Group, which owns a string of hotels and resorts in Brazil. Guilherme began his tourism career at the young age of 24 and the rest is history. He is #1268 on the Forbes Billionaires.

Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens in 1972, with his partner who sold his share of the business to Mr. Paulus. The Brazilian billionaire is currently on the board of tourism for the Brazilian government and is one of the most powerful men in tourism today.

Today, CVC is the largest tour operating business in Latin America and continues to draw millions of tourists to Brazil every year. It’s successful cruise and tour-operating business has been a very lucrative enterprise for the Brazilian economy and it is all due to Guilherme Paulus. Guilherme’s success comes from his knowledge of every aspect of the tourism industry from hospitality to catering. His vision is clear and determination to improve his nation steadfast.

Guilherme realized the potential of the tourism industry at a young age and developed his business intelligently and rapidly. As an intern at IBM he learned about the significance of communication and online advertising, which has helped his many business to grow. Today, he owns 15 hotels and resorts under the GJP Group name, Webjet Airlines, and his advertising firm GP7. In 2009, Guilherme decided to sell his controlling stake in CVC to the Carlyle group for $420 million. He has remained as Chairman of CVC and a minority stakeholder, which allows him to make important decisions and continue to guide CVC into the future.

CVC employs more than 1000 employees and creates another 5000 jobs indirectly. The Brazilian economy is currently ranked as the 8th largest economy in the world and its growing tourism industry continues to impress the world. Guilherme believes that CVC’s partnership with the Carlyle Group’s expertise in the financial equity market will exponentially expand CVC’s business in the coming years. It will be an incredible adventure for Brazil, the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus.

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OSI Industries Expands Into The Australian Market By Merging With Turi Foods

OSI Industries is one of the largest food companies in the world and has been named as one of the top 100 American Food Companies, too. OSI Industries recently merged with Turi Foods in Australia to form Turosi Pty. Ltd. This merger will benefit both companies and will help OSI to expand into the Australian market due to Turi Food’s experience with the poultry processing and farming industry in the nation. Thomastown and Geelong, Victoria will continue to be the home of their combined plants, and it is expected that new plants will be constructed in the future in other Australian cities.

As one of the most well-known poultry processors in Australia, Turi Foods supplies fast food restaurants, specialty retailers of chicken products, roast chicken outlets, butcher shops, and major supermarkets. Grant Thornton played a major role in the transition, and Sam Cuteri, the Chairman of Turi Foods, commented that the merger has already begun to bring together the teams from both companies. He also revealed that the shared ownership will help both companies to better serve the customers who have come to rely on what they have to offer. David McDonald, the President of OSI Industries, remarked that, both, Turi and OSI have built something special with their companies and that the merger will see even more new innovative ways to serve both of their many varied clients.

OSI Industries has been in existence since 1909 when a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started up a small butcher shop and meat market in the bustling city of Chicago. It didn’t take long for Otto to find success, and before he knew it, he was expanding upon what he offered by entering into the wholesale aspect of the business. After his sons joined on with the family business, OSI continued its steady growth until it exploded during the 1970’s when its partnership with McDonald’s began to take it to new heights. By building a facility dedicated primarily to providing McDonald’s with food options, the company was ready to expand even further. This is when the sons realized they would need to hire outside help and decided to hire-on Sheldon Lavin who had a vision to make the company even bigger than it already was. Before long, OSI Industries was expanding into new locations in the United States as well as overseas and, now, years later the company is worth billions of dollars.

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