George Soros, a renowned hedge fund manager and billionaire, is known for his philanthropic works connecting with various struggling communities around the world. He keeps a deep compassion towards discriminated communities, and many of them have received his help and support in various forms from financial to community support. Some of those groups are Roma people from Europe, LGBT people, sex workers, drug users, and more, and he helped many of them to come back to the mainstream society. Soros is also the Chairman and Founder of Open Society Foundations around the world, and he contributed more than $12 billion to various charity groups as of today. It should be noted that his total fortunes stand at $25 billion per the latest information available from Forbes and learn more about George.

Soros is an active proponent of societies promoting justice and equality, accountable government, transparency, and freedom of expression. He contributes large amounts and lends support to such groups that are promoting these qualities. It should be noted that what he experienced in his childhood played a significant part in shaping his character in the later years. Soros was born in a Hungarian Jewish family in 1930’s and survived through the Nazi invasion in the Second World War. He understood the politics behind segregating people according to race, religion, community, culture, language, and more. It became the first important teaching in his life. After the Second World War, Soros migrated to England and earned his graduation from the prestigious London School of Economics and more information click here.

After completing his education and working a brief stint in London, Soros migrated to the United States. He started working as an investor cum stockbroker in the Wall Street. In the later years, he expanded his investment portfolio to various investment options. In 1969, Soros founded his own hedge fund management firm, Soros Fund Management. The company focused on risky currency trades and earned larger profits in the later years. Since 1979, Soros started contributing for various needs that began with the scholarships for South Africans who were struggling under apartheid. From early 80’s, Soros began founding Open Society Foundations across the world to groom communities with freedom, equality, fraternity, and follow his Twitter.

George Soros is credited with a number of initiatives including democratization in Eastern Europe, cultural exchange between Western and Eastern Europe, various financial and healthcare support services for Africa, and more. He initiated actions such as the medical marijuana movement in America and became a supporter of same-sex marriage from early 2000’s. Soros is also supporting lawyers and paralegals working to protect people who are experiencing civil, migrant, and human rights violations. He thinks that he got much freedom considering his success in financial markets, and he wanted to use that for improving the lives around the world and contact him.

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