Being a doctor can hard work, but very rewarding. You can save lives, find new treatments, and even brighten up a patient’s day when they are not feeling well. There are also doctors who focus primarily on creating new pharmaceutical drugs to put on the market that can cure or even help with different types of diseases like cancer. One doctor is a prime example of this.


U.C. Berkeley graduate Dr. Scott Rocklage is making a difference in the world. His main focus is in the biotechnology sector. Dr. Rocklage is a managing partner at a company that helps develop life science companies in the early stages to get them reaching their full potential. They are based in Menlo Park, California and are called 5AM Ventures Management LLC. Dr. Rocklage sits on an impressive number of boards and advisory roles, 10 to be exact.


He is inspired by the people he works with. They are physicians, business-executives, scientists. They all put their heads together to new types of medicines that can treat patients with their unmet medical needs. That makes no day the same for Scott. One day he is doing research, then the next he is attending board meetings. Even though his days may change a lot, Dr. Rocklage is very organized and put together. This includes keeping a calendar, prioritizing things that are more important, and keeping time management in mind when he is trying to accomplish tasks.


As far as advice Scott has plenty. First he says that businesses should stick to their strengths, instead of swaying with what is easy and trendy at the time. Dr. Rocklage also suggests not to be afraid of taking risks. Of course you want to think about it and consider all the factors included, but don’t stay stagnant. This could be the different between taking the risk to start your business or just staying at the job that doesn’t inspire your full potential. On that note Scott suggest readers get “Good To Great” by James C. Collins. It is a great book about how to turn your business into something more, and also learning the basics of business.


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