Month: October 2018

How Rocketship Education Approaches A Few Difficult Educational Choices

Rocket Education is an independent charter school chain that was established in San Jose, California, in 2006. It offers free, open to the public, K-5 schools that help children prepare for college. Around 90 percent of the children at these schools qualify for free lunches and 75 percent of them are learning to speak English as a second language.

Like all public and charter schools, they strive to find a balance when it comes to how they approach things such as classroom management. The classrooms can’t be too strict as that would harm the children learning progress but teachers also can’t be too lax as chaos would erupt. It’s a fine balancing act that even some former United States Education Secretaries have said they have struggled with when they were teachers.

At Rocketship Education, they believe that if a child is going to attend college that path begins when they are in kindergarten. It is in part to this, as well as just wanting to provide the best education, that they take their role as educators very seriously. They have a program in place that is designed to help new teachers effectively control a classroom within either their first or second year. Since they teach so many children that come from families that have been marginalized Rocketship Education is especially sensitive to making sure their students are not sent subconsciously harmful messages through overly militant classroom management practices.

Another issue Rocketship Education faces, like all educational institutions, is how much technology to use in their schools on a day to day basis. Students need exposure to technology since, basically, every well-paying job uses it plus they need to be good at it to get through college. Just like classroom discipline, there is a fine balance between too much and too little.

At Rocketship Education they decided the balance is at 80 minutes a day on computers, so a bit under an hour and a half out of a six-hour daily curriculum. The students work on multiple programs during this time, at their pace, including Dreambox, Lexia, and ST Math. The students have been thriving on this balance of computer work versus teacher-led education.

How Vijay Eswaran Changes the Mind With Written Word

If you want employees to become productive there is going to be a point where the leader has to change the environment. I have worked in an oppressive work environment before, and I hated to come to work. When you feel there is no room for asking questions or making mistakes everything becomes a nightmare. It is the managers and company leaders that have the power to bring forth a different type of atmosphere. Vijay Eswaran has managed to author books that provide the right approach to leadership. He has also help employees cope with their environment when they are not in the best work atmosphere.

Eswaran has done this with public speaking on one front. He has the power to change the lives of those that hear him through his words. Eswaran has done a lot over the years to make the most of the experience by relaying messages of a positive nature. He has become someone that has documented his own experiences in his rise to leadership and passed this on to others. In “18 Stepping Stones” he talks about arising from your stupor and accommodating every change. I found this book to be spot on because he just told the truth with few words. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read this book because it truly is the pathway to success that Eswaran suggests that it is.

The thing that makes this “18 Stepping Stones” such an effective book is the size. This is a lightweight book. There are not a lot of pages and I like that. This works because people like myself don’t have a lot of time to read. I have been to workshops where I have been given large self-improvement books. The content may be great, but then there is no opportunity to digest all of the content because I have no time to read it.

What Eswaran did that made a lot more sense is push the book out to readers in a simple format. He used everything that he learned in the workplace and bundled this into a neat little package. I know that he could have written a lengthy book with all of his years in a leadership role, but he saw that it was effective to keep things light. He made it up in his mind to let people know that there was a way motivate without being overbearing.

Eswaran certainly has become one of the most favorable leaders around the globe because he has a different strategy to life. People can appreciate what he does because his written word reaches out to the masses. He has been able to really change the lives of his employees.

Life Achievements of Jason Hope

Life Achievements of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a businessperson from Arizona, USA. His rich educational background in finance and business oriented fields has equipped him with the necessary skills to succeed in this sector. Other than business, he is well known for his passion in serving the society. He has inspired many young people, students especially through mentoring and being a role model. Some of his hobbies include reading books and researching on the internet. He also enjoys physical exercises. Through his research, Jason Hope was able to prove that exercising regularly increases our physical life.

In this changing world, technology is a key tool. Jason embraces technology. This is clearly evident from the fact that he started his own communication company. He also is an active member of IoT; where he posts regularly motivating other entrepreneurs. Jason also offers consultation services. His area of expertise is business. Through his studies, training and experiences, Hope is very resourceful. He is able to give solutions and advices that work making his clients happy and content. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Being his interest to improve the wellbeing of human kind, Jason took part in the founding of SENS. This is a foundation that is geared towards fighting aging. SENS organization tries to enable as many members of the public as possible to access technology and learn more on anti-aging. Aging is a process that occurs naturally and scares most people. It comes with its own disadvantages such as a weaker immune system and a changed physical appearance. Jason Hope tirelessly researched on ways to control this process. He still does research on the same. To add on this, he generously donates funds towards this agenda. He strongly believes that aging can be reversed or slowed down. For this reason, he supports any organization with this mission.

As an entrepreneur, Jason has managed to provide employment in the society. His creative mind and strong will enabled his start a t-shirt making company. The Jason Hope Tee Company produces quality, original and trendy t-shirts sold worldwide. The company provides employment to many people and meets fashion needs of the current generation.

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