Richard Mishaan, the developer and head designer at the Richard Mishaan Design Firm in New York City, has recently participated in an interview where he discussed some of the common mistakes that people make when attempting to design interesting new spaces. Mishaan has become widely regarded in New York City and around the world for his attention to detail in the interior design process. The famous designer has been selected to redesign several major architectural firms and elegant hotels in the tai-state area. Mishaan has an extensive portfolio with award winning designs in the landscape architecture, structural architecture, and interior design fields. He has developed a tremendous insight regarding the complicated design process and now seeks to share his design tips with the general public.


During his discussion of home and interior design, Richard Mishaan stated that the most common interior design mistake that he believes people make when developing a new space is the avoidance of inexpensive pieces of furniture and art. Mishaan believes that unique and interesting spaces are developed when an individual has an eye for beautiful pieces of furniture, no matter their price. The Richard Mishaan Design Firm helps building owners to develop design strategies that successfully reflect the targeted personality of the space. The Richard Mishaan Design firm has also become well known for its ability to transform cold spaces with virtually any sized budget. Mishaan stated that the use of relatively inexpensive pieces of furniture can do much to add personality and liveliness to any space.


Mishaan aslo discussed the Richard Mishaan Design Firm’s ability to incorporate colorful pieces into decidedly masculine design strategies. Mishaan stated that some people make the mistake of avoiding color during attempts to develop masculine spaces. The famous designer believes that the color actually adds to a masculine effect, rather than detracting from it.