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Whitney Wolfe Empowering Women on the Dating Scene

Whitney Wolfe, now Whitney Wolfe Herd, is the creator and CEO of Bumble. Bumble is an online dating network focusing on the empowerment of women. She managed to find a niche in the online dating arena in 2014 by creating a site where women would be in charge of initiating the dating experience.

She met her husband, Michael, while on a skiing vacation in December of 2013, where he tricked Whitney into thinking he didn’t know how to ski. They officially began dating on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and were engaged in 2016. Of course, it was Whitney who proposed. Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Crunchbase.

In her former life, she was a co-founder of Tinder. She collaborated with Justin Mateen in 2012 to form the first online dating site utilizing locations as a criteria for matching singles. Unfortunately, Whitney and Justin were in a personal relationship with each other that erupted into Whitney leaving the company and filing sexual harassment charges Justin in 2014. She reportedly settled out of court for $1 million while Mr. Mateen was ousted from Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, dismayed by her experience with the online dating arena, began creating and pitching ideas about an online social media site for women. She approached Andrey Andreev, whom she had met previously while with Tinder. While he wasn’t sold on her idea, he was impressed with her ingenuity and tenacity. They continued to toss around ideas until Whitney came up with the concept of Bumble. She sold Andrey on the idea and he invested the initial $10 million for a 79% share of the company. Whitney Wolfe Herd retained a 20% share and Bumble was born, garnering over 100,000 members almost immediately.

Bumble is all about empowering women. The ladies are in charge. Men post their profiles hoping to find compatible dates and the ladies get to look and make the first move. Bumble also launched the Bumble BFF friend app in 2016 for women to find friends and the Bumble Bizz app in 2017 as a tool for women networking in business. Bumble has now grown to over 35 million users.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Stands Up To Tinder’s Bullying

A new legal battle is brewing over copyright infringement issues between the dating app Tinder and its co-founder, Whitney Wolfe. Match Group, which owns Tinder, filed the court documents alleging that Wolfe’s new dating app, Bumble, too closely resembles Tinder. The complaint says that the appearance of the app, as well as the way in which it functions, is almost indistinguishable from Tinder.

Bumble Fires Back at Tinder
While Match Group may have gone straight to court with their complaint, Bumble is taking their response to the people. The dating app’s managers took out full page ads in two well-read publications, The New York Times and Dallas Morning News, to respond to the accusation.

In the ad, Bumble says that it has decided to “swipe left on Tinder’s attempted scare tactics, and on these endless games”. The remarks made in the ads refer to the falling out Whitney had with her Tinder co-founder and the issues that brought their partnership to an abrupt end.

The battle began in 2014, when Whitney Wolfe left the company. At the time, she also filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen. The case never went to court, because Whitney Wolfe was offered a $1 million settlement. The sexual harassment suit was considered closed with that settlement and the former partners went their separate ways.

Later, Wolfe launched Bumble, a new dating app. As that app began to gain popularity, Match Group made several offers to by the business from Whitney, but she declined. In 2017, Match Group offered to pay her $450 million in exchange for ownership of Bumble, but that offer was also declined. While Match Group owns a number of dating apps, which includes, Plenty of Fish, and OK Cupid, Whitney Wolfe has declared that they will never own Bumble.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe comes from Salt Lake City, Utah. Before launching her entrepreneurial career, she majored in international studies at Southern Methodist University. It was during this time that Ms. Wolfe launched her first successful business, which involved selling bamboo tote bags. The proceeds of those sales were donated to assist communities affected by the BP oil spill.

The project, which operated under the “Help Us Project” moniker, gained mass appeal, after Whitney Wolfe partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp. As a celebrity hair stylist, Patrick marketed the bags to some of his popular clients. When stars like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were seen with the bags, Wolfe’s business really took off. It was that success that ultimately led her to develop Tinder.

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