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Betsy Devos – on topic article

Betsy DeVos is the new United States Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. Also, Betsy DeVos and her husband served as the Republican Party’s largest sponsor in Michigan, funding many candidates and at the same time promoting their school reform agenda. Donald Trump’s appointment of the wealthy 59-year-old Betsy DeVos as secretary of education crystallized a direction that has been clear since his announcement on November 23.


Questioned by a Democratic senator at her hearing, Betsy DeVos, who was president of the Republican Party in Michigan, stated that she was in favor of vouchers. Vouchers are distributed by the state so that children can attend private schools. The announcement of Betsy DeVos’s appointment on November 23, therefore, worried the Democratic camp and the unions. Remember, the Secretary of Education oversees an annual budget of 68 billion dollars and guarantees the application of federal laws.


Forbes magazine’s 2016 ranking of the most massive U.S. fortunes stated that Betsy DeVos and her husband have an estimated wealth of nearly $5.4 billion, and this places them as having the 88th largest fortune in the USA. Betsy DeVos also supports the home education movement, preferred by many Christian conservatives to secular education. The billionaire also defends the voucher system. These education vouchers are distributed to parents so that they can send their children to a private school.


Her plan involves reforming the public school system for the benefit of private schools. Betsy DeVos also defends the private education system, where she completed all her schooling, details the New Yorker. For the first time in history, and as the Constitution allows in the event of a tie, Vice President Mike Pence acted as a tiebreaker when it came time to cast the decisive vote confirming her appointment as the United States Secretary of Education.


During her confirmation hearing before the Senate, when asked about weapons at school, she cited the example of a rural school that needed firearms to protect itself from potential wild animals. Also, Trump wouldn’t have appointed this woman to this position if he didn’t intend to do something radical to change the educational system in the United States. Another controversial point: her role within the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, created by her parents.


However, for the detractors of the present public U.S. educational system, this appointment signals a change which may help to repair a public education system that is already less efficient than those of other Western countries. Trump’s choice was only approved with the vote of vice president Mike Pence, who had to break the tie-breaker for the first time in American history. Private education should be, according to her, provided in “charter schools,” private schools with public funding practically independent of the government.


Also, we should remember that as the Secretary of Education she will oversee an annual budget of $68 billion and she will also be in charge of the agency that guarantees the application of federal laws. She will also control a multi-billion dollar fund for student loans and grants.


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Dick DeVos Article Recap

For many years, Dick DeVos has been in the spotlight as a business leader. While he has led global business trades for Amway in the past, he is now the CEO and founder of Windquest Group, as well as the newest member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.


The new Management Advisory Council has 13 members who are from different backgrounds in transportation policy, aviation industry, and business. DeVos has spent most of his life working in business while also having a passion for aviation. His work with the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids made him a prime candidate for the new council.


Since the late 1990s, DeVos has helped Gerald R. Ford Airport expand and grow more commercially over the past decade. He brought in more airlines for the airport as well, expanding flights to areas like Denver, Orlando, Vegas, and St. Louis. His work with the Gerald R. Ford Airport makes him one of the most business savvy in terms of the aviation industry among the council.


However, that’s not all that Dick is known for. In the early 1990s, he started to work with other business leaders to form Grand Action, a committee designed to work on the economic interests of Grand Rapids. It came about after plans for sports complex and convention center were floated far away from the city’s center. DeVos did not want to place that much attention to an area so far from the business district. He saw opportunities within the central business district that could be much more beneficial for commerce and jobs.


In addition to that, he wanted to work with the airport to expand what it offers for education. At the time, there was no school that helped students to become pilots. Betsy and Dick DeVos co-founded an aviation charter school on the Gerald R. Ford grounds. This has helped students learn how to be pilots and what it takes to work in the aviation industry.


Over the years, DeVos has worked closely with the airport to bring in new business and maintain terminals. Recently, he has worked to secure a $45 million renovation contract that will update the airport’s terminals, food court, and business center. The idea is to get business travelers moving through the Grand Rapids airport.


The appointment is a great moment for Dick DeVos who has been working alongside the political arena for some time. He ran for Michigan governor in 2006, and previous to that, he worked with his wife on several education initiatives. His new work with the FAA began in 2017. The council meets once every quarter to discuss policies, budgets, regulations, and future growth for the industry.


Dick DeVos now joins his wife in Washington where he will be working with others to advise the FAA. IT will be interesting to see how his career changes after being in Washington.


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Sussex Healthcare Dr. Shafik Sachedina Years Of Volunteering And Academia Treating People

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare in the United Kingdom. His efforts before work in school, medical field, and programs internationally have benefitted many individuals and programs. He now assists in the development and maintenance of Sussex Healthcare, an organization that operates to facilitate an exceptional living environment for individuals that are not able to take care of themselves independently.

Dr. Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. At the age of 25, he met the necessary qualifications to become a dental surgeon.

This he acquired from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He developed a strong passion for business ownership and volunteer efforts.

Volunteering your skills and abilities to others was a strong belief within the community. The more Dr. Sachedina excelled in his academia and work the more he gave back to his community. Over the years he has attained many prestigious titles and affiliations through others seeing the extensive efforts he displayed medically and in the volunteer sphere.

Dr. Sachedina is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network and a chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee. Dr. Sachedina saw how in his community that efforts of skilled individuals bringing their best together can truly alleviate stressors on people.

He eventually became a Joint Chairman for Sussex Healthcare, a private independent organization. This company seeks to provide teams of professional medical staff that administer top of the line treatment and daily life care to patients.

Through exceptional treatment and attention, patients feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and life. The individuals Dr. Sachedina helps through this organization are those without the capacity to care for themselves. Often dealing with the elderly, individuals with Alzheimers, dementia, physical disabilities, and neurological disorders.

These individuals can often seem burdensome or hard to care for, however, the team assembled at Sussex Healthcare sees them as blessings. The clinical care and treatment given to each patient is the same care Dr. Sachedina he gave those he gives dental treatment. Respect, dignity, and a cozy welcoming environment.

The experience Dr. Sachedina has in the medical field and business world combine to give him great insight. Knowing what a patient needs, how to give it, but also to create a sustainable state of the art facility. One that runs like a business, but makes the patients feel like they’re at home.


Scott Rocklage is a doctor on a mission to find new treatments

Being a doctor can hard work, but very rewarding. You can save lives, find new treatments, and even brighten up a patient’s day when they are not feeling well. There are also doctors who focus primarily on creating new pharmaceutical drugs to put on the market that can cure or even help with different types of diseases like cancer. One doctor is a prime example of this.


U.C. Berkeley graduate Dr. Scott Rocklage is making a difference in the world. His main focus is in the biotechnology sector. Dr. Rocklage is a managing partner at a company that helps develop life science companies in the early stages to get them reaching their full potential. They are based in Menlo Park, California and are called 5AM Ventures Management LLC. Dr. Rocklage sits on an impressive number of boards and advisory roles, 10 to be exact.


He is inspired by the people he works with. They are physicians, business-executives, scientists. They all put their heads together to new types of medicines that can treat patients with their unmet medical needs. That makes no day the same for Scott. One day he is doing research, then the next he is attending board meetings. Even though his days may change a lot, Dr. Rocklage is very organized and put together. This includes keeping a calendar, prioritizing things that are more important, and keeping time management in mind when he is trying to accomplish tasks.


As far as advice Scott has plenty. First he says that businesses should stick to their strengths, instead of swaying with what is easy and trendy at the time. Dr. Rocklage also suggests not to be afraid of taking risks. Of course you want to think about it and consider all the factors included, but don’t stay stagnant. This could be the different between taking the risk to start your business or just staying at the job that doesn’t inspire your full potential. On that note Scott suggest readers get “Good To Great” by James C. Collins. It is a great book about how to turn your business into something more, and also learning the basics of business.


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Betsy Devos Support for School Choice In American Public Schools

Betsy DeVos is an American woman who’s known for her philanthropic efforts, championing for quality education and school choice in American public schools and she is the current Cabinet Secretary for Education in the current government. DeVos was amongst the first Trump’s cabinet secretaries to get approval just as the president was settling in in office. Her passion for education is unrivaled as she has been part of a movement championing for quality education ever since her college years. It is also a well-known fact that her parents were teachers and this is one of the significant reasons Betsy developed an interest and passion for education since her years in college.


In America, Betsy DeVos and her family have been committed to supporting various charitable causes and foundations for the past several decades. Her donations have since gone a long way to impact the lives of numerous individuals and their communities positively. She and her husband in 2015, made a contribution of $150,000 to Academy Charter Schools. The purpose of this donation was to improve the management of these institutions to streamline the running of their activities. The Potter’s House school was also a recipient of her donation amounting to $200,000. The Potter House School is a Christian based learning institution whose primary focus is to provide a decent education for children from low-income families.


Betsy has been leading an Illustrious career in the limelight and has never far from mainstream media which attracts scrutiny from various camps. All these haven’t stopped her from performing her duties in the multiple positions she has served since the start of her career. Betsy has been making significant contributions to better the American educational system, and both house democrats have recognized her efforts, this is the main reason her vetting process took a short time compared to other Trump nominees. Betsy DeVos has shown a lot of support for the Grand Rapids Public Schools for the past 15 years. During this time, Betsy has been volunteering at the institution. Through the work she does here, Betsy was able to understand the typical struggle parents from low-income communities face when they are getting their children through school.


Other than working in the government, Betsy worked at Windquest Group, while here she served as the firm’s head of financial services. She has also been an administrator at various Christian and learning institutions that include; the Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA not forgetting the Kendall College of Art and Design. In the political arena, Betsy DeVos was a delegate to the Republican party; she served as Michigan’s Republican party as the chairperson. As a delegate for the Republican party, Betsy held the position for sixteen straight terms.


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