Born in November of 1947 in Curitiba Brazil, Igor Cornelsen grew up to be an icon in the investment industry. Even though his childhood dream was to be an engineer, his education path took him in a different direction. At the age of 18, Igor Cornelsen was enrolled into the Federal University of Parana to pursue the dream of becoming an engineer. It was shortly after, however, that he realized that he was better suited to economics and switched to do an economics degree in the same university. The university being the only university to offer engineering in Santa Carina and the Parana States was a coveted one.

He pushed on with his economics degree and in the year 1970 was awarded a degree in economics. After his education, he was hired as an investment banker. He was talented in calculating compound interest, a factor that got him recognized at his workplace. His rare talent was valued highly at the time as calculators and computer had not become as commonplace as they are today in the workplace. He excelled at his tasks and was named the best investment banker at the time. He was the best recruit the bank had at that time.

At this time he was promoted to join the board of members at the bank. This promotion allowed him to learn from the managers of the bank and gain experience in his field. An experience that proved useful in his career. He shortly after moved to a different bank. His employment at this bank came to an end when the inflation rates rose too high. He ventured into other banks as an investment advisor. He was soon to join the board of managers in a different bank for seven years and also serve as the company’s representative in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen has without a doubt made a good reputation for himself in the finance industry.