The American Institute of Architects is led by Robert Ivy, CEO and art professional. They’ve been able to bring the top architects, designers, and artist to their member based network. Ivy is responsible for education in art and policy. His colleagues say; he’s been able to lend a strong communication to the art industry that has brought many new professional customers to the network. You can build a strong network that encourages the help of strong architects willing to lend their best through the AIA. Many patrons have decided on their network of professionals because they trust their team of executives for having high integrity. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a very prestigious honor that is being offered by the Mississippi Art Institute Letter (MAIL). It has allowed their team of professionals to honor Ivy with the prestigious award. He was one of the first ever architects to be nominated for the award. Today, he’s able to use this honor to encourage other professional architects to his network. He continues to be a strong voice among the network with a valiant team of art professionals to back them every step of the way in their journey through architectural art.

There are many architects that have been unable to showcase their talent because of nonsupport. Robert Ivy works hard to bring fresh faces to the art community. His focus is education and inclusion of the art community. He has been able to use their eye for art to build several spectacular pieces around the Atlanta area where their headquarters are based. Amazingly, they have a total of 80,000+ private members and continue to lead the art community nationwide. Robert Ivy is at the forefront of their success. He is at the center of the architecture community through the AIA Group..