Olympic swimming winner Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace. Despite being a 28 gold medalist, Michael Phelps was struggling with mental health issues. Phelps confined himself to his bedroom for five days trying to contemplate whether he wanted to go on living or end his life. The Olympic swimmer decided to see Talkspace for his problems. Getting help for your problems isn’t a sign of weakness. Mental health therapy is not just for people who have a serious mental illness.

Michael Phelps wants to spread the word that online professional therapy is affordable for anyone who needs it. Talkspace is personal and convenient, just because it’s online doesn’t mean the public will see your session. Talkspace can be done at any time. More than 1 million people have tried Talkspace. You can upload unlimited videos and pictures to your therapist from a mobile app or web browser. If Talkspace can help Michael Phelps, it can help you.

The compassionate mental healthcare professionals can take on the tough questions. Talkspace includes a blog that is available to everyone. The blog has articles about many mental health issues that can benefit the public. These stories include transformation experiences about people who have overcome their problems. The blog contains a lot content offerings.

Talkspace contemplates if coming out as LGBTQ can really improve the life of a homosexual. Talkspace wanted to honor National Coming Out Day. Many people who chose to come out to their friends and family described the stigma they experienced. Many LGBTQ people described the pros and cons of coming out.

Talkspace explains the Meyer Briggs Personality test. The test was originally designed back in the 1940s and is still popular. The blog includes a story about the history of the test. There are 90 questions for the test takers to answer. Each answer is divided into 16 different personality types. The author lets the reader know where to go to take the personality test. The writer tells the reader what the advantages and disadvantages are to taking this personality test. Talkspace has taken mental health counseling into the 21st century.