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Betsy DeVos is the new United States Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. Also, Betsy DeVos and her husband served as the Republican Party’s largest sponsor in Michigan, funding many candidates and at the same time promoting their school reform agenda. Donald Trump’s appointment of the wealthy 59-year-old Betsy DeVos as secretary of education crystallized a direction that has been clear since his announcement on November 23.


Questioned by a Democratic senator at her hearing, Betsy DeVos, who was president of the Republican Party in Michigan, stated that she was in favor of vouchers. Vouchers are distributed by the state so that children can attend private schools. The announcement of Betsy DeVos’s appointment on November 23, therefore, worried the Democratic camp and the unions. Remember, the Secretary of Education oversees an annual budget of 68 billion dollars and guarantees the application of federal laws.


Forbes magazine’s 2016 ranking of the most massive U.S. fortunes stated that Betsy DeVos and her husband have an estimated wealth of nearly $5.4 billion, and this places them as having the 88th largest fortune in the USA. Betsy DeVos also supports the home education movement, preferred by many Christian conservatives to secular education. The billionaire also defends the voucher system. These education vouchers are distributed to parents so that they can send their children to a private school.


Her plan involves reforming the public school system for the benefit of private schools. Betsy DeVos also defends the private education system, where she completed all her schooling, details the New Yorker. For the first time in history, and as the Constitution allows in the event of a tie, Vice President Mike Pence acted as a tiebreaker when it came time to cast the decisive vote confirming her appointment as the United States Secretary of Education.


During her confirmation hearing before the Senate, when asked about weapons at school, she cited the example of a rural school that needed firearms to protect itself from potential wild animals. Also, Trump wouldn’t have appointed this woman to this position if he didn’t intend to do something radical to change the educational system in the United States. Another controversial point: her role within the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, created by her parents.


However, for the detractors of the present public U.S. educational system, this appointment signals a change which may help to repair a public education system that is already less efficient than those of other Western countries. Trump’s choice was only approved with the vote of vice president Mike Pence, who had to break the tie-breaker for the first time in American history. Private education should be, according to her, provided in “charter schools,” private schools with public funding practically independent of the government.


Also, we should remember that as the Secretary of Education she will oversee an annual budget of $68 billion and she will also be in charge of the agency that guarantees the application of federal laws. She will also control a multi-billion dollar fund for student loans and grants.


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The Biography And Work Of Dr. Jacob Gottlieb

Born in a family of successful professionals, Dr. Jacob Gottlieb got inspiration from his own parents and pressed hard to achieve all that he has today. A major role model was his father, Mr. Max Gottlieb, who is a professor of economics at the City University in New York City and consequently his mother Dr. Hellena Gottlieb who is a renowned pediatrician. Dr. Jacob was born in Brooklyn in NY after his family moved to the United States from Poland.

It is quite amazing how children are able to be curved by their surroundings. Jacob Gottlieb was influenced by the professions of his parents; medicine and economics, and perhaps that’s why currently he pursued the two careers.

He is one of the people who are very thoughtful when it comes to choosing the right careers. His great passion for trading which his father noticed at a very tender age somehow merged with his medicine fascinations. When Jacob won the stock selection contest when he was in grade 7 at his school, he father opened for him a trading investment account to nature his talent.

The two passions for Jacob Gottlieb led him to have series of studies and various degrees. He joined Brown University for BA in economics, later joined NYU Medical School for Doctor of Medicine and St. Vincent Hospital for the completion of his medical internship. Finance career hit harder on him and decided to pursue Wall Street and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualifications.

After all the qualifications he served as a healthcare portfolio manager at Sanford, moved to Merlin Biomed Group and later to “Balyasny Asset Management” where he became the highest earner. In 2006, they started Visium and serving as the CIO, it grew to have 170 employees with a net worth of $8 billion. He is actively involved in Covenant House which has helped and protected children welfare since the 1970s. They focus on homeless youths, child trafficking and providing the basic needs. He is involved in MfA and Robin Hood Foundation too.


Bruno Fagali Elaborates the Dismissal of Ford’s President Raj Nair

Leadership comes with its challenges. Most importantly, leaders are inclined to give their best at work. Well, it is also correct to say that leadership demands a certain standard of performance and must be observed to the latter. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as there are instances in which workers and employers are unsatisfied with a leader’s ability to execute duties and responsibilities. As illustrated in the case of Raj Nair, the former president of Ford Motor, such cases call for the instigation of punishment and all too often, dismissal becomes the landing page. The unfavorable environment of Raj Nair has caused him a leadership title and stellar reputation, two aspects that matter in an employee’s career.

A Look at Nair’s Case

First announced in 2018, Jim Hackett of Ford Motor stated in a press release that Ford Motor is a company committed to ethical values and the outlook for good behavior. These two components determine the manner in which the organization is run. In the case of Raj Nair, the president who was elected in late 2017, the best punishment that fit his misdemeanor was voluntary resignation based on his misconduct.

What Really Happened in the Case of Nair?

There have been questions about the exact details of Nair’s misconduct. Well, unfortunately, the management of the company withheld information regarding his behavior stating that Nair had signed nondisclosure citing his apologies on the other side. A deeper look into this case reflects the magnitude of the withheld misconduct as Nair even issued an apology.

The Statement Issued by Ford Motor

Ford Motor has continued to insist that it is imperative to observe the ethics of the organization. The management has insisted that the cultivation of the safe and healthy culture is synonymous with the success of the company; therefore, despite the position that an employee holds, rules must be observed.

Fagali’s Remarks

The dismissal of Raj Nair, on the other hand, has attracted various opinions from law experts including Bruno Fagali who insists that ethics must be observed irrespective of an employee’s position. The legendary expert in the formation of a corporation’s code of conduct insists that Nair’s dismissal was appended to his character. Even if details were withheld, it was clear that he guilty of his improper behavior.

Who is Fagali?

Bruno Fagali is an experienced Brazilian attorney who holds a degree in administrative law. He is enthusiastic about disseminating critical knowledge on corporate law, administrative contracts, and regulatory as well as civil actions.

Dr Saad Saad’s illustrious career

Dr Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon from New Jersey has touched the lives of many children with the numerous surgeries that he has performed. He has been in the business for more than 4 decades and during this time he has made medical missions to Jerusalem where underprivileged kids receive free surgeries.

While in high school, he had the option of taking after his elder brothers who were both engineers. Most of their work was in outdoor construction. Dr. Saad preferred an indoor job due to the uncomfortably high temperatures that Kuwait experienced at certain times of the year. Operating rooms had air conditioners and this appealed the most to him. He chose to pursue surgery.

The Palestinian international earned his medical degree from Cairo University, Egypt. He was among the best students in his class and graduated with honors. He attributes his hard work to coming from a poor family and the desire to live a better life. Saad took and passed the ECFMG exam in 1964 when he was in his 3rd year. This gave him an opportunity to pursue further training in the US once he was done with the formal medical education.

He made the US his home after successfully going through his internship in England. At K Hovnanian Children Hospital, he doubled as both the Co-Medical Director and the Surgeon-in-Chief. These administrative positions did not keep him from taking part in the design of new surgical techniques to alleviate the suffering of young patients.

In the 1980s, the Middle East came calling. He moved with his family to Saudi Arabia where he offered his services to the Saudi Royal family. His fluency in both English and Arabic earned him this opportunity. He kept this job for four and a half years before getting back to the US. Apart from performing surgeries to members of the royal family, he also offered lectures to the surgical club. He also went out of his way to establish a Surgical Residency Program during his time there.

In Riyadh, he took on a very peculiar case. The youngest child with an aneurysm was brought to him and he saved the child’s life. Dr Saad had no problem helping out the less fortunate as his mentor, Dr H Biemann Othersen, had taught him well. He emphasized the need to handle all children with kindness and honesty without paying attention to their background. Learn more:

Dr Saad took part in the development of medicine by inventing the suction endoscope and a catheter with tracking mechanism. He believes that hardwork and perseverance can get anyone to the top.

Dick DeVos Article Recap

For many years, Dick DeVos has been in the spotlight as a business leader. While he has led global business trades for Amway in the past, he is now the CEO and founder of Windquest Group, as well as the newest member of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council.


The new Management Advisory Council has 13 members who are from different backgrounds in transportation policy, aviation industry, and business. DeVos has spent most of his life working in business while also having a passion for aviation. His work with the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids made him a prime candidate for the new council.


Since the late 1990s, DeVos has helped Gerald R. Ford Airport expand and grow more commercially over the past decade. He brought in more airlines for the airport as well, expanding flights to areas like Denver, Orlando, Vegas, and St. Louis. His work with the Gerald R. Ford Airport makes him one of the most business savvy in terms of the aviation industry among the council.


However, that’s not all that Dick is known for. In the early 1990s, he started to work with other business leaders to form Grand Action, a committee designed to work on the economic interests of Grand Rapids. It came about after plans for sports complex and convention center were floated far away from the city’s center. DeVos did not want to place that much attention to an area so far from the business district. He saw opportunities within the central business district that could be much more beneficial for commerce and jobs.


In addition to that, he wanted to work with the airport to expand what it offers for education. At the time, there was no school that helped students to become pilots. Betsy and Dick DeVos co-founded an aviation charter school on the Gerald R. Ford grounds. This has helped students learn how to be pilots and what it takes to work in the aviation industry.


Over the years, DeVos has worked closely with the airport to bring in new business and maintain terminals. Recently, he has worked to secure a $45 million renovation contract that will update the airport’s terminals, food court, and business center. The idea is to get business travelers moving through the Grand Rapids airport.


The appointment is a great moment for Dick DeVos who has been working alongside the political arena for some time. He ran for Michigan governor in 2006, and previous to that, he worked with his wife on several education initiatives. His new work with the FAA began in 2017. The council meets once every quarter to discuss policies, budgets, regulations, and future growth for the industry.


Dick DeVos now joins his wife in Washington where he will be working with others to advise the FAA. IT will be interesting to see how his career changes after being in Washington.


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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

In it’s most recent account, Sussex Healthcare introduced its new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Taylor has spent well over 30 years in healthcare leadership and hopes that her skills will be able to add to the facility’s history of excellence. Though Sussex Healthcare announced Taylor’s arrival towards the end of last year, she only officially joined the team in January 2018. However, the new CEO has already started making several plans with her management team–some even before she actually stepped into this role. In fact, she spent a significant amount of time learning all she could about this United Kingdom healthcare company, its culture and the needs of all of its residents.

Within a short amount of time, Amanda created an entirely new position so that she could better monitor and promote service improvement and compliance. When it comes to care, Sussex Healthcare is known for being holistic in its approach, and one of Taylor’s main priorities is to preserve this mission while searching for new and creative ways to enrich the lives of residents.


Upon stepping into this role, Taylor took the time to visit each of the facility’s locations. She also made it a point to meet with the staff, greet the residents and speak with the family members of the residents. She set aside time to listen to all of their concerns as well as answer the questions that they had. In this way, she will be able to use the information so that she can enhance their plans as well as improve service policies.

Along with hiring a new CEO, Sussex Healthcare has also decided to employ new team members across the United Kingdom. Its chief priority is to offer care that is personalized care to each and every resident. The facility first opened its doors over three decades ago. It has a very strong commitment to caring for the mind, spirit and with each passing years, this desire continues to grow.

As of today, Sussex Healthcare has over 20 facilities. And it recently opened a gym that is considered to be state-of-the-art with personal trainers, underwater treadmills, as well as several other benefits. This facility has acquired several awards and distinctions. In fact, out of all of the independent nursing homes in the UK, it is the only that has dual accreditation. When it comes to choosing quality care for your loved ones, Sussex Healthcare should definitely be on your list of facilities to check out.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Stands Up To Tinder’s Bullying

A new legal battle is brewing over copyright infringement issues between the dating app Tinder and its co-founder, Whitney Wolfe. Match Group, which owns Tinder, filed the court documents alleging that Wolfe’s new dating app, Bumble, too closely resembles Tinder. The complaint says that the appearance of the app, as well as the way in which it functions, is almost indistinguishable from Tinder.

Bumble Fires Back at Tinder
While Match Group may have gone straight to court with their complaint, Bumble is taking their response to the people. The dating app’s managers took out full page ads in two well-read publications, The New York Times and Dallas Morning News, to respond to the accusation.

In the ad, Bumble says that it has decided to “swipe left on Tinder’s attempted scare tactics, and on these endless games”. The remarks made in the ads refer to the falling out Whitney had with her Tinder co-founder and the issues that brought their partnership to an abrupt end.

The battle began in 2014, when Whitney Wolfe left the company. At the time, she also filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen. The case never went to court, because Whitney Wolfe was offered a $1 million settlement. The sexual harassment suit was considered closed with that settlement and the former partners went their separate ways.

Later, Wolfe launched Bumble, a new dating app. As that app began to gain popularity, Match Group made several offers to by the business from Whitney, but she declined. In 2017, Match Group offered to pay her $450 million in exchange for ownership of Bumble, but that offer was also declined. While Match Group owns a number of dating apps, which includes, Plenty of Fish, and OK Cupid, Whitney Wolfe has declared that they will never own Bumble.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe comes from Salt Lake City, Utah. Before launching her entrepreneurial career, she majored in international studies at Southern Methodist University. It was during this time that Ms. Wolfe launched her first successful business, which involved selling bamboo tote bags. The proceeds of those sales were donated to assist communities affected by the BP oil spill.

The project, which operated under the “Help Us Project” moniker, gained mass appeal, after Whitney Wolfe partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp. As a celebrity hair stylist, Patrick marketed the bags to some of his popular clients. When stars like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were seen with the bags, Wolfe’s business really took off. It was that success that ultimately led her to develop Tinder.

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Dr. Saad Saad Shares How Important Education has Been in his Life

Dr. Saad Saad has finally retired after 47 long years in the medical industry in the United States. The man was not born here, but he definitely made America his home. Something about this country felt special to him. It was more than just the opportunities this country offered; it was the spirit of this country that made him feel welcomed.

He was actually born in Palestine in tumultuous times. Saad was just a boy when the region divided, and his family was forced to leave everything behind. His father was not home at the time, so they were not sure how he was going to find them but thankfully he did. He was part of a family of eight children, and his father had to figure out a way to provide for them, even after a drastic moment in time. It was his father’s education in petroleum machinery that helped him at this time. Learn more:

This was a story that Saad told his own children, and he shares it now because he knows how powerful it is. It shows the importance of education and helped him nurture this in his own children who went on to have careers in medicine and the legal system. Saad is very proud of them and wants all children to try to better themselves through education, too. Saad revealed that his father made it a point to highlight how education allowed him to help his family stay afloat.

Two of his brothers were engineers when he was young. There was a moment when he thought that he would follow in their footsteps, but he suffered a heat stroke while he was out one hot summer day. At this point, he decided that whatever career he pursued, it had to keep him out of the heat. It did not take Saad long to figure out that his career would be in medicine. He went to Cairo University where he earned his degree and some of the best grades in his school, which is pretty impressive.

Dr. Saad moved around a bit after that from Egypt to England, but it was not until he arrived in America that he actually settled. It was here where he spent most of his career though he did take a number of trips to Jerusalem alongside Medical Missions. This organization traveled to areas like this one where children are in poverty to provide free health care. He was definitely proud to be a part of these expeditions. He hopes that people read about him and read this interview and discover how much education can do for a person because he wants to see the world improve.

Madison Street Capital Scoops the 16th M&A Advisor Awards

On the 13th of November 2017, the M&A Advisor made an announcement and pronounced Madison Street Capital as the winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the year. The events culminating to this award was the advice they offered during the transaction for WLR Automotive. The Awards Gala took place at the Metropolitan Club in New York. The CEO and president, David Fergusson said that the institution has continued to award and honor the leaders in transactions, companies, and deal makers for the last 15 years. Emerging the top is no easy task as you have to stand out. Madison Street capital stood out among 650 participating institutions under that category. It was such a great pleasure for Mr. Fergusson to bestow Madison Street Capital with the highest honor for M&A firms. Standing out among the competitors makes Madison Street Capital the representation of the best in the M&A industry. The M&A Advisor Award Gala is an annual event, and therefore, Madison street capital represents the best for the year 2017.


After the announcement, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, said that it was an honor receiving the M&A Advisor Award in the debt financing option. Further, he congratulated the members of WLR Automotive and his lead on the transaction, the managing director Barry Peterson. The award represented the commitment of his team towards rendering the best advisory services. Besides winning the award in the debt financing option, Madison Street Capital became finalists in the Boutique Investment Banking category and the Financials Deal of the Year category. The event is a celebration for the leading M&A deal makers. It was held in conjunction with the year’s M&A Advisor Summit. In attendance were over 500 leading M&A professionals. They participated in several forums led by 35 M&A, academic, and industry stalwarts. The event came to a culmination with the presentation of the inaugural Tom Farrell Memorial Award to Robert Blumenfeld, the executive director of ACG New York. Also, Ceaser N Anquillare, the CEO of Winchester Capital was awarded the Leadership Award 2017.


Madison Street Capital has gained a reputation in the provision of a variety of financial services that include business valuation, financial reporting among many others. Over the years, Madison Street Capital have understood that every client has unique needs that require different approaches. As a result, they offer customized services that meet the clients’ needs. They have targeted the middle market business owners. With the challenges that come with getting financial advisors, they guarantee a wide range of services. Whether its acquisition, lending, or exit strategy, Madison is equipped and has a history of excellence and reliability. Since its inception in 2005, the company has grown to a global level with offices in Africa, Asia, and North America.


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Securus Releases New Product Line

The law enforcement and correctional facility industry is an incredibly important and valuable industry that provides extremely necessary services to keep people safe. While these facilities and organizations have some very skilled and well-trained staff, they also have a reliance on products and services provided by innovative companies. One company that has been providing very innovative and valuable services to the law-enforcement industry for more than 10 years is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is best known for being a leading provider of communications and security services. The company, which has grown significantly in size over the past decade, is best known for it video visitation service that is used by hundreds of facilities across the country. This product has provided the facilities with the ability to allow clear and secure video chat sessions between inmates and loved ones. This service has been very well appreciated and received by both the inmates as well as those that work in the properties.


While Securus Technologies may be best known for their communications services, it also provides a lot of different security services as well. Over the past few weeks, the organization has announced a new security technology that could solve a very challenging problem.


One of the more growing challenges that prisons are having is controlling the use of illegal cell phones. Cell phones are almost always illegal for inmates to use. Unfortunately, these can be difficult for the facility to keep out entirely. While they can have a best practices in place, it always seems that some phones can get snuck into the property. This can create a very serious problem as it is impossible to monitor and control communication.


Fortunately, Securus Technologies has a new innovative product that could help to revolutionize the industry. The new product and service that they are able to provide is called a wireless containment system. The wireless containment system can be set up in the perimeter of the prison. This system can then completely block all incoming and outgoing calls and signals to the cell phone. This will then ultimately make the cell phone useless for any inmate.


Once a person is able to set up the wireless containment system, they will have the ability to block all calls to phones that are not approved. At the same time, they will be able to approve certain cell phones to be functional in the prison. This will make it possible for a person to continue to use employee cell phones when necessary. As Securus continues to roll out this product they will also be able to find new ways to make the system for functional for all of their clients.